In the autumn 2017 issue, we follow Ozzie Hoppe and Skip James on a motorcycle surf adventure, 1500 klicks down the west coast of India. Creed McTaggart, Tyler Warren and the Gang Green crew get loose in the rainy west coast of Aotearoa. We talk new noise with Auckland based duo Dad Jokes; and kiwi artist Nick Herd talks about painting life in his studio. Bryce Young, Eric Geiselman and Brendon Gibbens spin the globe for their next surf shenanigans in Nirvana. Dunedin musician Kane Strang gives an insight into Blue Cheese and new material he’s working on. Dillon Perillo talks Trump, travel and Taranaki. Last but not least, we explore the science behind energy and wave movement in feature article refraction; looking at some of New Zealand’s most unique waves.

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