DGZ Issue 22

The significant feature this issue is an ode to the 90’s by NZ’s most prolific surf scribe, Craig ‘CPL’ Levers. Photos and recollections from New Zealand’s ‘more core’ period in surfing, the RADical and pivotal means to the end of the century.

We sit down with artist Sam Baker and chat about his journey through Crohn’s disease, which lead him into the world of illustration and painting. Ricardo Christie, Shaun Tunnicliffe and Toby Butler profile in a feature titled Coming Home, why Kiwis surfers & photographers are returning home to NZ. As well as a full profile on international free surfer Tai ‘Budda’ Graham, whose ancestral roots lie in the far north of Ngāpuhi.

Seventeen year old Elin Tawharu chats about her 2020 Olympic goals and Rambo Estrada guides Chippa Wilson and Nate Tyler through the black sands in Goofy West. Balance this with superlative photography and you have yourself a very tidy and memorable surf-centric magazine that will do very nicely on your coffee table.

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No Static in the Stars

No Static in the Stars is a unique montage of music, art and surf dedicated to the vast and infinite beauty of the sea. Created by film virtuoso Andrew Kidman (Litmus, Glass Love and The Spirit of Akasha) and Aaron Curnow of Spunk Records, the project marries 14 short films inspired by the sea with a stirring overlay of music from the likes of Cass Mccombs, Fazerdaze, Ty Segall, Smog, The Middle East and Tiny Ruins among others.

Combined with easy on the eye surfing from Craig Anderson, Ryan Burch and the colourful characters that make up aussie band WASH; fronted by Creed McTaggart (bass, vocals), Ellis Erickson (guitar) and Beau Foster (drums) as well as perspectives from accomplished artists Peter Halasz and Nicholas Harding, No Static in the Stars is sure to appeal to both surfers and non-surfers alike.

Following on from Andrew and Aaron’s previous collaboration in Last Hope (2009), their sequel evidently moves on in a slightly different direction, away from the ‘good old days’ of surfing, while at the same time still experimenting with whimsically appealing water shots, moody cross-fades and soulful music scores. The producers alongside an array of notable filmmakers including Richard Kenvin, Mick Waters, Ava Warbrick, Ryan Thomas and Monty Webber (just to name a few) elevate the traditional surf film even more so into an artistic vision that dives deeper into the heart of surfing’s subculture. / Emerson Huuk

Full movie available digitally from itunes
Or physical DVD from Spunk Records

FRIDAY : ledge

Ledge session with the locals. Daniel Kereopa, Miles Ratima, Billy Stairmand, Chris Malone, Harry Macintosh, Mikey Banks, Indy Ratima. Edit by Billy Lee-Pope