Ricardo Christie I Bunny Chow

Ricardo Christie officially joins the ranks of RVCA and delivers us this edit with a fresh sticker on his nose… “Warm water, fun waves, good people and bunny chow, Africa is nice to visit” Ric sneaks a few uncrowded waves beyond the sugar fields while on the road to Ballito.


From the pages of DGZ issue 08 we bring you ‘IN GOOD COMPANY’ in motion. We teamed up with Rip Curl NZ and took a journey across the country with Taylor Knox, Johnny Hicks and Simon Deken.

The Ripple effect

New from Red Bull, a cool and well edited series called The Ripple Effect, it focuses on the people who splashed hard enough to have a significant effect on surfing as we know it today. Below are episodes one and two on the legendary Witzig brothers, then the Coolangatta Kids. You’re bound to walk away learning something new or at least getting a kick from the stories told by some of surfing’s more colourful characters.

Episode One | The Witzig Bros

Episode Two | The Coolangatta Kids

Chalk & Cheese I Video Portrait One I Luke Kerr

Chalk & Cheese is a series of video portraits directed & produced by New Zealand RVCA advocates Jordan Barnes & Thomas Smith. The project is a four part video exploration into those who create. A product of Jordan’s search for inspiration as one of New Zealand’s finest emerging artists while combining Thomas’s love for documentation through audio and moving picture.

Video Portrait One, Luke Kerr, Explores Luke’s love for photography and the motivation behind the recent release of his first book Not Made For These Times

Any shred dog from NZ worth their salt might also remember Luke’s part from the infamous NZ surf film Children Of The Underworld, you can watch his section by clicking here or the full film here. Get on it if you haven’t seen it!

O’Neill Originals | Salsa & Mia Taninaka

Jason ‘Salsa’ Salisbury and Mia Taninaka upped sticks from Sydney’s Northern Beaches a few years back, and landed in Bali’s tropical paradise. They’ve created a unique studio where Mia has time and space to paint and Salsa can shape, experiment and ride his different designs from the bay. This is a short look into their lives and a recent journey they took to Japan’s Greenroom Festival via their adopted home of Bali.

Lemonyiplivin | Full Movie

Lemonyiplivin the full movie by Owen Milne and Ricardo Christie. This has got to be one of the very best offerings out of NZ to date.. Waves we never knew existed nor have any idea where they are! The 19minute feature film stars Ricardo Christie moving large amounts of water with ease, with support from good friends Billy Stairmand, Tim O’Connor, Andrew Mooney and Albee Layer. What are you waiting for…dive in!!