The Zone

You know something is good if it makes you wanna go surf immediately. And thats exactly what the trailer for Jack Coleman’s latest film ‘The Zone’ does. Featuring Rangi Ormond, Dave Rastovich, Ryan Burch, Derek Disney, Derek Hynd, Ari Browne, Bryce Young, Al Knost, Rob Machado, Justin Adams, Ozzie Wright and Robin Kegel on an array of different craft everywhere from Australia to South Africa to California. The world premiere for The Zone is tomorrow evening July 14, at Brunswick Picture House, NSW Australia.


Warm, friendly and fun looking waves mixed with fine rail work from Billy Stairmand and Tim O’Connor…


We’ve teamed up with Deus ex Machina to bring you the New Zealand Premiere of ‘South to Sian’ this Thursday!!

The film follows Harrison Roach and Zye Norris across the Indonesian archipelago while they live outside the boundaries and create their own once in a lifetime surf odyssey, Directed Dustin Humphrey. We will also have free copies of DGZ ISSUE 16 on hand with a full South To Sian spread inside.

Please join us to watch the film and celebrate DGZ Issue 16! Be sure to RSVP to as seats are limited.

Deus ex Machina ‘South to Sian’ New Zealand Premier
Service Denim Store, 208 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland
Thursday 14th July, 2016
Doors open at 6pm
Refreshments provided

Chippa Wins Nixon Surf Challenge

A surf contest like no other, the Nixon Surf Challenge this year brought together a dozen of the best surfers from Europe and further afield for five days of exploration in Ireland. The event had a flexible mobile format, giving the surfers the best possible chance of scoring some quality waves. In the end, the riders decide themselves who deserves the win based on Nixon’s distinct method of team voting.

After a week on the road in Ireland, driving south from Lahinch all the way down to the small, picturesque fishing town of Dingle in County Kerry, Chippa Wilson was able to claim his maiden Nixon Surf Challenge.


Tyler Warren in NZ | Salt Circus Flipbook

Tyler Warren cross steps his way from East Coast to West for our final instalment of the Salt Circus. It’s accompanied by a digital flip-book wrapping up the full Salt Circus week. The people, the surfing, the boards and the good times! Enjoy…

All made possible with our good buddies Billabong and Corona NZ.

The Pine Times | Short Film

From the pages of DGZ issue 15 we bring you ‘THE PINE TIMES’ a journey through Norfolk Island with Johnny Hicks and Alex Dive.

The unknown is a beautiful thing. It embodies all the exciting things in life: surprise, adventure, risks, rewards and sometimes ghosts and sharks too. Mum’s always stressed the importance of “going someplace new every year” a slogan she probably saw on a Flight Centre ad but I totally back the statement. It’s good for the soul to see new places and try new things. Norfolk Island doesn’t exactly spring to mind when you think of an intrepid excursion to foreign soil, where top-knotted Euro dudes strum their missing-string, surf-stickered acoustic guitars and faux-Rolex selling groms block yet another flawless sunset. Norfolk ain’t no Indonesia or Sri Lanka, nor does it try to copy its Pacific Island brothers, Fiji and Samoa. Located a short flight north of Auckland and only a mere 8 kilometres by 5 kilometres in size, with its tiny population of approximately 1400 permanent residents. We would soon find out this dark horse island is unlike any place we had ever been before.