All Seasons | Billy Stairmand

Wondering what that popular left hand point has been like lately? Judging by the display Billy Stairmand is putting on for us here we’d say it’s been pretty damn fun!

Just Passing Through | Russia

Just Passing Through episode 8 takes us deep into Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula with Cyrus Sutton in hopes of scoring a mysterious wave he discovered on a previous expedition a few years back. From bears to poachers, ex-soviet helicopters and a seemingly ideal swell in the forecast, Cyrus along with Anna Ehrgott and photographer Dylan Gordon put their lives on the line for a taste of perfection.

All Aussie Adventures

This is essential viewing at some point on your Monday… It will ease your launch into the working week and have you dreaming of a trip like this all the way through to the weekend… Real life vibes, really thick waves and no fluff. Featuring Jay Davies, Harry Bryant, Beau Foster and Shaun Manners.

Reef | Passing Through Series

From Dorian in Fiji to Taylor Knox in Ireland to Evan Geiselman and Mitch Crews in France and Portugal. The Reef ‘Passing Through’ series is worth a watch, set aside a little time here and follow the Reef team around the globe.


Blue Sky vs Cloud is a journey following three friends on a pilgrimage across the ditch to the land of the didgeridoo. Where the waves break in the opposite direction and the climate is considerably warmer to that of the ‘Long White Cloud’. Take a moment and scroll through this photographic journal by Richard Hodder, following Jordan Griffin, Ricardo Christie and Dune Kennings.