Dylan Goodale | Skittles

A collection of leftover clips says Dylan… Panama, Hawaii, California and some from right here in New Zealand. All packaged up to make for a very enjoyable little edit.


Toby Cregan, Creed McTaggart and Duncan Mcnicol bring the fun back! The year is 2879 due to pollution the ocean has dried up, the only way to surf is by time travel using a cybotactical head unit. Zilou and Bibilou are two of the only humans interested in surfing… Plenty of humour and some damn fine surfing by Creed, Duncan, Beau Foster, Ellis Ericson, Noa Deane, Nate Tyler and more.

These Waters

Filmed over the past winter in surf spots all over New Zealand by Jonathan Smit. “The idea behind all of this was to document winter through my eyes, the road trips, the cold weather, the people. No pro surfers in this clip, just the frothiest south islanders you’ll ever meet.” And we should mention some really good looking South Island waves!

View From A Blue Moon | Trailer

Three years in the making… Heavy hitting locations and an all time cast featuring the likes of Bruce Irons, Albee Layer, Jordy Smith, Filepe Toledo and more. John John Florence and Blake Vincent Kueny along with Brain farm finally deliver us the full trailer to View From A Blue Moon. We can only imagine how amazing the film is going to be!

For more info on the world premieres happening on the 11/11/15 and to pre order via vimeo on demand head to the View From A Blue Moon website.

“My interest in photography naturally transitioned into filmmaking,” Said John John. “I’ve worked closely with my friends Blake Kueny and Erik Knutson for a while now, and we’ve had fun dreaming up ways to show surfing differently. For this project, we teamed up with Brain Farm, the group who made some of my favorite sport films ever: Art of Flight and That’s It, That’s All. They captured snowboarding like it had never been captured before. Super high-end production, groundbreaking heli angles, crazy slow-motion… their snowboard films actually get me amped to surf.”

West Oz – Chris Gurney

South Africa – Sacha Specker

Transkei – Photos: Anthony Fox