Issue 09 spreads

In the Spring 2014 issue of DGZ we take a retrospective look into the photography of Warren Hawke from the 70s through until the 90s. The insightful words of Dave Rastovich and the photography of Thomas Campbell take us on an journey through Morocco for ‘Fried and the glide’. We interview Gisborne’s Johnny Hicks about travel, life and his beloved hometown of Gizzy. Auckland Band Cool Runnings give us a colourful interview and our feature artist this issue is the talented Kyle Boonzaier aka ‘Cairo Bean’. Derrick Disney and Bryce Young visit our shores on strange looking boards, as well as department features with Maz Quinn, Erin Forsyth, Damea Dorsey, Husni Ridhwan, Strange Babes, Sean Kettle and Daryn Mcbride.
A very tidy edition to your coffee table.

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Shacks and Shakaz | EP: One

Shacks and Shakaz is a new three part web series starring NZ’s Alex Dive, presented by RPM and Dragon. Episode one journeys to the Mentawai Islands which is enough said really…Yes the waves were very good!

Keep an eye out for episode two coming soon from Europe

Alex Knost | Vhs & Print


From the pages of DGZ issue 08 we bring you the DPT: VHS & PRINT with ALex Knost

Love him or hate him his talent is undeniable, Alex Knost, rubber limbed surfer of craft that is mostly from an era prior to his date of birth in 1985. Alex recently found himself touring around our shores with his band Tomorrows tulips. We caught up with the man that likes to immerse himself in everything from shaping his own boards right through to music, art and literature.

These are Alex’s top six videos from the web. Along with his six favorite books as seen in Issue 08

“Burger Tv / EP 68 (2014) Best series made by the real deal hardest working stoner DIY music label, real and compelling stuff new episode every Thursday”

“Russ Short, my favorite surfer. In The Mist Of Summer 1977″

“Buttons, insane surfer and enjoying it”

“David Nuuhiwa / Rainbow Bridge (1972) David, Epic!!”

“Sonic Youth / 100% / David Letterman Show (1992) Exactly 100%”

“Harmony Korine / David Letterman Show (1997) My only regret is not just doing it this way”

knost books

The Grosset Webster dictionary
I recommend a dictionary to anyone with a short attention span and or a busy schedule. In situations where you only have a minute or two reading one is quite stimulating and convenient, open it up at any page and learn something new.

William Eggleston
One of my favorite photographers and artists, his subtle broadcasting of beauty lingers with me as something forever inspiring. This book was released in conjunction with his 1998 Hasselblad award. The opening quote on page 1, “I am at war with the obvious”. Melts my heart.

Surfboard design and construction
A “how to do book” in back yard surfboard manufacturing. It was published in 1975 by Natural High Express Publishing Company. Glancing at it every once in a while refreshes the idea of surfing being limitless. An option other than to buy off a rack is what is fed. A surfer is in control of his relationship to the ocean and all the avenues being a surfer has to offer. You can be the barbarian and whittle down a reject blank with borrowed tools and ride your own labor.

Personal ads portraits | By Lonny Shavelson
A photographer placed an ad in the personals asking to take portraits of people or couples whom are on or met through the personal ads of that same newspaper. “The juxtaposed visual and verbal image make a strong complimentary statement”.

Love and companionship with another being is something everyone can understand. Sought after love, lust, or security can be forever unfound, found, questioned or rejected. This book of personal ads simplifies certain personal situations to the point of brutal honesty. The desperation is glorified by the confidence in which they are delivered. The simplicity of this book sort of challenges the complications and tribulations of finding love and companionship in our modern world.

Mirrors of Venus by Wingate Paine, words by Francoise Sagan and Federico Fellini
This book is a compilation of photos by Wingate Paine. All the photographs are of women, and each walk the line between eroticism, feminine beauty and intimacy. Every photograph is paired with a short excerpt, piece of poetry, or sort of aloof commentary in reflection of the mystery and excitement the image suggests.

Temperature’s Rising
An oral and visual history of one of my favorite groups, Galaxie 500. The group’s bassist Naomi Yang has compiled photographs, ticket stubs, flyers, set lists, press photos, letters, and receipts. It’s a great glimpse into the years in which such a mysterious group made such incredible music.



Bringing you a few more of the DPT features from issues passed. This one is from DGZ Issue 06 ‘Under The Influence’ with Neal Purchase Jnr. Photos | Tom Hawkins @tbhphoto

As a young teenager I was particularly fond of the ‘Pulse’ videos one and two. Good ol’ fashioned Aussie dingo shredding, they were kinda Australian surfing’s answer to the ‘Momentum Generation’ Taylor Steele vids. NPJ was a fixture in these videos and watching him dominate solid South Wall Ballina with Margo still sticks in my mind. To this day Neal’s unique backside tube riding at Kirra is regarded as some of the best in the world.

Neal is a man of many talents, whether it be shaping boards for his label Neal Purchase Designs, creating artwork for clothing brand Rhythm for which he was one of the original co-founders, or playing music in his band The Haldane’s Daughters. We decided what better man to ask his top 11 music and surfing influences. JA



Such great inspiring and diverse people living and loving this surfing experience…

1. Nat Young – Shortboard revolution, power stylist animal with country soul. Still prefer to see this man surf over most modern guys.

2. Michael Peterson – Took Nat’s animal and went ballistic. Coolangatta style, shaper…a real shame he burnt out early.

3. Wayne Lynch – Goofy footers’ revenge!! Lifestyle and style that should be a part of every goofy foot’s psyche!!! Tube master, shaper.

4. Tom Curren – The next religious coming of style, grace and power ever since…Nat and Wayne!

5. Neal Purchase Snr – Introduced me to this Earth with an honest view and showed me the ropes, laid some serious rail, and pulled into close-out Angourie monster sets…with Baddie.

6. Occy – Power-goofy…carving backside top turns to infinity.

7. Salsa – New goofy stylist, taking modern surfing his own way.

8. Kelly Slater – Redefining the shortest most refined shortboard revolution in all conditions with style, power and grace, what do ya think?!!

9. Gerry Lopez – S-t-y-l-e and l-o-n-g-e-v-i-t-y.

10. Ellis Ericson – Is Blowing my mind on singles and shaping his versions.

11. Wayne Dean – Cooly underground carver and charger with style to make MP jealous…still shredding and shaping today.


There are so many great crew on rotation, modern and old, I could get real crazy on ya…but these are the guys I keep going back to, and could not live without, oh well…

1. Neil Young – Country soul rock…and the best with Crazy Horse / Danny Whitten, Live at Fillmore.

2. Bob Dylan – Great lyrics and good time guy, especially with The Band.

3. The Rolling Stones – Rock and roll blues, I love Exile On Main Street.

4. Captain Beefheart – Started out with Howlin’ Wolf blues…then to lysergic groove maniac, Safe as Milk…mate.

5. Tom Petty – Just one of those great voices and storytellers, plus interesting music, Highway Companion.

6. White Fence – Modern 60s garage king, Live in San Francisco.

7. The Sunny Boys – The best surf music ever. Their first release was the best in my opinion.

8. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Groove kings…shiiiiitt.

9. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals – New country rock kings a long time ago in 2005.

10. Lobby Loyde – G.O.D. recorded live at Sunbury would blow any rock ‘n’ roller off his pedestal.

11. The Growlers – Introduced me to Southern Cali along with Harry the Hat!!

Die! Die! Die! – SWIM

Yes we know…here at DGZ we are quite partial to Die! Die! Die! The fellas are about to embark on a nationwide tour for their upcoming album SWIM due to be released this Friday August 15th. They have just released the video for ‘Get Hit’ which is the 2nd single from the new release, along with ‘Crystal’. Have a listen to em and check out the tour dates below for a show near you!

Die! Die! Die! S W I M Tour

Friday 15th August – Auckland – Neck Of The Woods
Saturday 16th August – Raglan – The Yot Club
Sunday 17th August – Tauranga – The Shed

Thursday 21st August – Palmerston North – Great Job!
Friday 22nd August – Wellington – San Fran

Wednesday 27th August – Barrytown – Barrytown Hall
Thursday 28th August – Wanaka – Pulse Bar
Friday 29th August – Port Chalmers / Dunedin – Chicks
Saturday 30th August – Lyttleton/ Christchurch – Wunderbar

Tickets on sale now – $15.00 + BF online at and instore at Real Groovy (Auckland), RPM (Wellington), Slow Boat (Wellington) and Portil Records (Dunedin).

Rusty x Billabong x Occy

The Occy replica 84 boards are due to hit stores any day now, with only 200 manufactured globally ones of these beauties would be a nice little addition to anyones quiver. For inquires on getting your hands on one email