As the saying goes “The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun”. The Salt Circus is about a gathering of girls, boys, young, old, frothers and friends who can come together and celebrate all things surf. 2018 was exactly that and despite the persistent crosshore breeze and lack of sun, the people came, the coffee flowed, the beachfront bar was a hit and some top logging was enjoyed. Also big ups to the guys from Set Waves band for their endless groove from the beach to the bar. Thank you to everyone that came along to share in something we all love so much. Generous donations were raised for Sustainable Coastlines and KASM thanks to the Aubertin Surfcraft x Corona surfboard giveaway and all sales from Allpress coffee.

Finally, we would like to extend a massive thankyou to our sponsors Corona, Billabong, BMW Motorrad, Allpress, Astrolabe and Oh Boy Tacos for their contribution to the day.

Enjoy our film and photo journal wrap up of another fun event!


With a huge south swell wrapping into some of the lower east coast coast magnets earlier this week we decided to hit the road for a quick camp out strike mission. We were a little late off the mark but after a five hour trip we arrived just in time to admire the last of the 6-8ft walls rolling into the sunset. The next day would surely offer plenty of leftover swell options.


A lot of hard work is documented in this Issue, all for you to enjoy. Here are a few treats inside DGZ 21 we are thankful for. Thanks to everyone who helped compile the tribute to Bob Davie and his historic contribution to surfing as well as surfboard design and construction in New Zealand. This issue is dedicated to Bob Davie 1942 – 2017. Thanks to Athol Steward for walking the coastline from Raglan to Whanganui to save our sand from overseas mining. Thanks to Estrada for driving 27 hours straight just to put beautiful images from the south on these pages, and lets not forget all of the other photographer’s and their amazing work that is printed in this issue. Thanks to all of the guys and gals that shred waves in front of the camera and thanks to all of the writers who gave us their thoughtful words.

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Merry Christmas everyone! / DGZ

Sixty Percent Sent

Sixty Percent Sent is all about familiar tropical thrills. Dune kennings, Sean Kettle, Jordan Griffin, Jonas Tawharu and Mark Parthemore amongst your favourite Balinese hot spots. Dive in for a bit of fun and a few good waves.

Pama Davies | Dabble

Pama Davies is an Aussie kid with NZ ties, his dad is a New Zealander and had him surfing on Wayne Parkes singles and twins through his early years. Kinda shows in his smooth powerful style too. From South Australia to Fiji this edit speaks for itself, well worth your three and a half minutes.

Tyler Warren | Autumn Vacation

After the dust settled from The Salt Circus event, Tyler had a few days spare to travel somewhere new before flying home. This was his fifth visit to New Zealand over the years and, would you believe, Raglan was a destination he still hadn’t ticked off his list! Sure, this ain’t all time Raglan but jeez it makes us want to surf!!

Check more photos from the trip in the Corona Journey by clicking here.

Big thanks to Corona NZ and Billabong for their support on this project.