logger heads

Logger Heads, aptly named after a Traditional Log Event held at Mangawhai Heads every year, saw it’s fourth installment over Waitangi Weekend 2017. After a week of waves the East Coast went slightly dormant, but produced enough of a canvas for some of the countries best Loggers to show thier wares. All photos courtesy CPL

Trent Lillis lived up to his reputation putting on a show every time his toes touched the water. Lillis claimed his 3rd consecutive Old Mal Title in a row after a hot exchange.

Low tide runners provided ample sections for trim and glide, and as the tide filled in a little nugget A-Frame banks delivered the goods for all involved. Surfer, Belinda-Goodwin.

Kai Ellis-Flint had been roped in to heading across the ditch to NZ, and sure didn’t disappoint claiming the Open Logger title.

Queen Lady Slider Nicky Wellington claimed a well deserving maiden victory in the Womens. 

With over 50 entries across 4 divisions (Open, Old Mal, Womens and Juniors) 2017 was the largest field in the events history (since 2014)  Event organiser & all legend, Tony-Baker.

Issue 16 | Sneak Peek

IMG_1965In the Winter 2016 issue of DGZ Johnny Hicks and Elliot Paerata Reid hit familiar territory with American kids Noah Wegrich, Pat Curren and Willem Banks in ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’. Tyler Warren fills a solid portion of our pages with his artwork, shaping and eye pleasing surfing. Kiwi band ‘Surf Friends’ are saltier than we thought, they bring good chat to the table and some great life advice. We talk ‘New Noise’ with the Smokestank Girls and ‘The Eternal Summer’ revisits a never ending run of swell and warm water. Noah Wegrich takes up ‘On the road’ while Mischa Davis stacks her books and we meet Easkey Britton in ‘People’.

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Lost & Found

Alex Dive & filmer Billy Lee Pope getting ‘Lost & Found’ in both North & South Island, NZ.

HAZ & GAZ visit NZ

A lo-fi, hi fry journey through some of the lesser seen parts of New Zealand. Laced with glimpses of beauty and exceptionally hollow waves. Starring Garrett Parkes and Harry Bryant.

Way Back When

A new kiwi doco in the pipelines…
Way Back When is an inspirational story of the adversity and challenge surfers go through while trying to make it to the world stage. The film traces the journey of a surfboard from the 1960s found washed up on a beach back to its creator, Peter Way. Peter Way is a legendary surfer, surfboard shaper and waterman who was the first winner of the New Zealand Surf Riding Championship in 1963 and had remarkable influence on the New Zealand surf scene for much of the 60s and 70s. While tracing the board’s journey back from where it was found, we hear personal stories from current Kiwi professional surfers and how Peter Way’s influence helped them think big and achieve success.


Surfers have been relying on neoprene since the ‘50s, but it’s a non-renewable, petroleum-based material with an energy-intensive manufacturing process. It’s nasty stuff all round and for a long time surfers have had no other alternative until now… Introducing the world’s first Neoprene free wetsuit by Patagonia

The new suit is made from Yulex natural rubber, which removes 99% of impurities and comes from plants grown and harvested in a certified carbon-neutral cycle. (FSC standard by the Rainforest Alliance)

Rather than keeping this new rubber to themselves, Patagonia and Yulex will again share this groundbreaking innovation with other companies, hoping to create a shift toward cleaner and better materials throughout the surf industry.

Sounds pretty legit to us! For more info check out Patagonia