Land of the Long White Stain

langoftitleKiwi filmmaker & DGZ contributor Luke McPake has been busy working on a documentary piece titled ‘Land of the Long White Stain’ A love letter to music on the margins in NZ. The film centers on a brood of genre-bending Auckland musicians, among them Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing, Seth Frightening, and Shab Orkestra. Directed by writer and musician Claire Duncan (Dear Time’s Waste), the film fuses digital film formats into a rip-roaring 30-minute musical tour of an Auckland sub-culture.

Land of the Long White Stain will premiere Thursday July 2nd, at the Wine Cellar (AK) with live performances by Seth Frightening, Wet Nurses of Sodom and Joy Disease

And will be available to stream free online from Friday July 3rd at LOTLWS_CASEY2

Elliot Paerata-Ried

Piha’s Elliot Paerata-Ried has been spending some time across the ditch lately, compiling a few clips into this tidy little edit.

HANDCRAFTED : Thomas Bexon

Thomas has spent many years handcrafting surfboards as a profession. Staying away from the norm, Thomas chooses his own path by creating unique boards for a diverse range of surfers. The film was shot on location on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. HANDCRAFTED : Thomas Bexon is the first short written, directed and produced by Mick Soiza.

Kiwi Fruit : Cooper Chapman

Narrabeen’s Cooper Chapman, roaming around the North Island of NZ in a sweeeeet lill clip titled ‘Kiwifruit’

The North Atlantic

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any colder down here in NZ, spare a thought for those in the North Atlantic… “When you scan a map in search of new surf destinations to explore, do you let your eyes stray north into the coldest latitudes of the Atlantic Ocean? These guys did and they were rewarded for their adventurousness with some pumping waves in, where else, the Faroe Islands. Located to the north of Scotland, this tiny, Danish archipelago gets some really sick waves and plenty of of gale-force winds to go with them”

De Passage

Wes Anderson made a surf film?? Not quite, but close… De Passage is a 23minute film featuring the likes of Rob Machado, Alana Blanchard, Shane Dorian, Kai Otton, Nick Rozsa & Cyrus Sutton to name few. The only thing missing from this flick is Mr Bill Murray.