DGZ Issue 22

The significant feature this issue is an ode to the 90’s by NZ’s most prolific surf scribe, Craig ‘CPL’ Levers. Photos and recollections from New Zealand’s ‘more core’ period in surfing, the RADical and pivotal means to the end of the century.

We sit down with artist Sam Baker and chat about his journey through Crohn’s disease, which lead him into the world of illustration and painting. Ricardo Christie, Shaun Tunnicliffe and Toby Butler profile in a feature titled Coming Home, why Kiwis surfers & photographers are returning home to NZ. As well as a full profile on international free surfer Tai ‘Budda’ Graham, whose ancestral roots lie in the far north of Ngāpuhi.

Seventeen year old Elin Tawharu chats about her 2020 Olympic goals and Rambo Estrada guides Chippa Wilson and Nate Tyler through the black sands in Goofy West. Balance this with superlative photography and you have yourself a very tidy and memorable surf-centric magazine that will do very nicely on your coffee table.

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