A lot of hard work is documented in this Issue, all for you to enjoy. Here are a few treats inside DGZ 21 we are thankful for. Thanks to everyone who helped compile the tribute to Bob Davie and his historic contribution to surfing as well as surfboard design and construction in New Zealand. This issue is dedicated to Bob Davie 1942 – 2017. Thanks to Athol Steward for walking the coastline from Raglan to Whanganui to save our sand from overseas mining. Thanks to Estrada for driving 27 hours straight just to put beautiful images from the south on these pages, and lets not forget all of the other photographer’s and their amazing work that is printed in this issue. Thanks to all of the guys and gals that shred waves in front of the camera and thanks to all of the writers who gave us their thoughtful words.

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Merry Christmas everyone! / DGZ