Issue 20

Five years of DGZ, 20 issues deep, and we still haven’t had a chance to show you everything. There are only so many pages we can fill in an issue.

We have a huge pile of hard-drives that hold everything we’ve ever created, covered or compiled. Thousands of megapixels sit trapped inside these bits of plastic and small metal parts, begging to be turned into ink, or at the very least just to be opened up on a screen every now and then, jogging the thoughts and memories a little.

We’ve always said a photo isn’t actually a photo until it’s printed on paper. So this issue to celebrate number 20 we’ve got a little more space, 144 pages in fact, and we’ve used them to visit the best bits from the last 19 issues and five years of DGZ. Along with this we’ve created four beautiful gallery sections in the magazine, showcasing work from some of our favourite photographers and artists. This is our chance to breathe life into some of the forgotten files.

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