Halves #9 / Tail to tip

It went something like this…two campers, an interesting mix of surfies from three different countries -Rangi Ormond (Whangamata, NZ) Jesse Steelman (California, USA) and Asher Pacey (Gold Coast, Australia). With three weeks on our hands the only plan was, not to have one, except to have as much fun as possible exploring the South Island of Aotearoa. We ended up checking out the West, East and South coasts as well as everywhere and everything in between, if it wasn’t for the ferry to Stewart Island, we would have driven there too. Somewhere along the way the journey morphed into ‘Tail to Tip’ and we decided it would be a good idea to then drive all the way to top of the North Island. Clocking up well over 4000ks on the road in three weeks. The following, as always, is a photographic diary of the good times shared in the water & on the road.