Some people aren’t cut out to be pros, they are either an artist or just too casual. Ryan Heywood is one of the most laid back and talented photographers you could hope to meet. His trademark B&W portraits and speed blurs are truly beautiful. Never far from quality waves and quality people, he moved from Torquay to Byron to immerse himself in the no-wave no-fin scene. Like a true artist he shoots when he feels it and not before. Prying photos out of him is hard but ask him what the maddest thing on the Russian version of YouTube is and you will be in for a very long download session! The guy is an expert, the madder the content the better. He needs a blog…or better yet log onto this Mixtape. / PMC

God – My Pal (1988)
This song is so cool. You hear it played around closing hours in every pub in Melbourne. It’s funny when a band wears their own merch, makes me think they’re either really into their own music, or they really just didn’t have anything else to wear.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk’s ‘Pedal Up” on Down Beat (1975)
Circular breathing makes for an amazing performance by Rahsaan Roland Kirk on Down Beat, hosted by Quincy Jones. I like the explanation of his talents and then the reveal of his appearance. SO COOL!

I’ve watched this so many times, I’m still freaking out on it. Rookie is my favourite surfer at the moment. He’s incredibly creative and has so much flow, it’s harder than it looks. Photographing this doesn’t do it justice. You need to see the distance travelled, the speed, and more of the wave. It’s even more exhilarating when you see this shit go down in the water.

The Babe Rainbow – Love Forever
Ultra cool Northern Rivers guys make great music and are living in a fun happy world. Amazing live shows and good vibes guaranteed!

Holy Fuck – Red Lights
I saw this being played live a few years ago, and i liked it then and like it more now that the music video contains cats! on the internet!