Loose But In Time (Part One)

Loose But In Time series Part One. | The DGZ group art show & music event with The Clean & Die! Die! Die!

Thanks to Corona NZ we ran an epic event back in the beginning of February. A group art/photography exhibition inside the Corona Airstream caravan with works from Paul Mcneil, Nanda Ormond, Erin Forsyth, Jeremy Koreski, Chris Burkhard, Jake Macartney, Rambo Estrada, Lauren Marriott, Hamish Kilgour, Robert Scott, Jereme Aubertin, Skip James, Ben Clement, Zara Mirkin, Ellis Ericson and Mike Cunningham. To celebrate we also invited The Clean and Die! Die! Die! to come and play a few tunes. This short clip is a wrap up of the event with a few words from Hamish Kilgour from The Clean, Andrew Wilson from Die! Die! Die! And artist Jake Macartney.

All Photos by Nick Herd