Scenes From The Future / Nanda Ormond

Nanda Ormond, fills our pages with words & others with illustrations, is having his first solo exhibition this Friday!
Here’s what ‘Nundies’ had to say about his up coming show.

“In my most debut ever art show, Scenes From The Future, you will find concepts and artworks from my forthcoming (as yet untitled) graphic novel. If you like SURF NINJAS, POST APOCALYPTIC BARRELS, SCI FI SURF GANGZ, and CURSED WITCH CHICKS, or perhaps just QUITE INTELLIGENT CROWS, and FUTURISTIC WASTELANDS then my friend, you will be most pleased if you come to my show. Bear witness to the formulation of a new era in surf comics, where no ink is too splattery and no surf sub-culture goes unharmed. If you come dressed up in sci-fi surf themed costume you might even get something free ( like the memory of everyone laughing and pointing at you ).

Scenes From The Future
Friday Nov. 15 / 6pm-9pm
Maverick Hair and Art Space.
Shop 3/31 Mclean St, Coolangatta