RVCA Devolution

RVCA gathered up a bunch of god forsaken, broken, busted never to be ridden again surfboards. Then called on a group of fantastic Artistic/Friend types consisting of Lauren Marriott, Sam Mathers, Lewis Clegg, Sharn Leachman, Joshua “Rhat Klor” Solomon and Simon Deken. Gifting them the Boards with a brief that went something like this. The theme is “DEVOLUTION” like totally kinder reverse evolution “get it”? The Idea was to remove each artist from their ongoing quest to evolve and “& do/be better” and to create on a whim painting each board in a single sitting, fast, raw, self expression.

They then shared this glorious art by throwing one hell of a party with free flowing drink, and an onslaught of Garage Rock from Superbird the X-Ray Fiends and The Badsons. DGZ was on hand to capture the action, for the rest of the images click here and check out our FB Album